Road Traffic Safety

When driving on the road, you need to obey the rules and regulations of driving, below are some guidelines that will assist you: Ensure that you check your vehicle if it is in a good condition, also check the tyres and wipers as well Always drive with your drivers license Don’t drive under the influence … More Road Traffic Safety


Be Joyful at all times Joy comes from within You can be happy based on an event But joy exists no matter the situation that you find yourself Don’t let anyone steal your joy It’s good to have a joyful heart Listening to Joy by Ric Hassani Can’t forget the line: Now all I see … More JOY VIEW

Transformation Genesis

My definition of transformation? The more you actively strive to become a better personality. Transformation is a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance ~ Marriam-Webster Dictionary When you consciously engage yourself in transformation:  You will achieve your dreams  You will produce meaningful results  You will impact your world You … More Transformation Genesis