Be Joyful at all times Joy comes from within You can be happy based on an event But joy exists no matter the situation that you find yourself Don’t let anyone steal your joy It’s good to have a joyful heart Listening to Joy by Ric Hassani Can’t forget the line: Now all I see … More JOY VIEW

Aim Higher Boost

I will always aim higher Even when I try so hard And it seems so challenging I will definitely be diligent Because I will stand before kings The sky is the beginning There is no limitation! Saro Phimia Photo credit: Google images

The Market Place of Life

Originally posted on blessingshares:
If you are experiencing a Writer’s block, just write. It could be by 4am in the Morning or 4pm at evening. If your writing style has changed over time and you miss the old write-ups, just do a nostalgic piece. It could be once or more than one time. In the…


Citizens working firmly together Living like brothers and sisters With diligence going up the ladder Holding on to faith in order to move further Full of monumental possibilities Movement with great tenacity Building infallible capacity Achieving great goals Standing strong in order to overcome challenges What a great nation, NIGERIA! Keep waving the flag! Saro … More A GREAT NATION

Transformation Genesis

My definition of transformation? The more you actively strive to become a better personality. Transformation is a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance ~ Marriam-Webster Dictionary When you consciously engage yourself in transformation:  You will achieve your dreams  You will produce meaningful results  You will impact your world You … More Transformation Genesis