A Great Nation We Are

We are a great nation

There is no limitation 

to what we can achieve


We should not be blinded 

By natural resources 

Which can make us forces 

Against ourselves 


We must grow 

To love one another 

In order for us to 

Work together 


As little as a candy pack

When millions of it 

Are thrown away

By the roadside 

Either while we are taking a walk

Or through the window of a moving vehicle 

 It can lead to heaps

Of combined waste 

Which snatches the beauty

Of our communities 

And can lead to terrible diseases 


How can we move forward?


That should be the question on everyone’s lips


When things don’t go 

The way we think they 

Should go

We blame it on the government 


But really who is the government?

You and I 

Make up the government 


When we learn to remember 

That rebuilding Nigeria

Should not only be 

The task of leaders in position

 But a joint effort 

Of every single citizen


Then we will take responsibility 

Which will in turn 

Lead to rebuilding 

A great nation.

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